2014 RUN4RESCUE Volunteer group photo

 Complete results for the 2014 Run4Rescue event have been posted to that tab to the left.

This years Run 4 the Rescue event was dedicated to Jennifer Walter. 


Jennifer spearheaded last years Run 4 the Rescue event.  The countless hours she and her crew spent set the benchmark for all of our fund raising events, including this years Run.  Her fund raising efforts have given us direction and purpose.  Thank you girl for all you have done for this organization.  Jennifer was in charge of our website before I took over.  There are only so many hours in the day and once she reached  the 25th hour she had to make a change.  Pam McQueary started the original website with the help of D. Hunt.  Jennifer took over and expanded it.  Now I have to try not to screw it up.  No pressure.  I promise to do my best Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for CARE.

We are a non profit organization and all of our funding comes from donations from loyal supporters like you.  With the help of Palo Pinto county, the cities of Strawn, Mingus and Gordon we can do what we do, barely.  It is, well, difficult at best to do what it takes to find these animals, get their medical needs met and get them to new homes.  The monitary needs are enormous.  Our animals are now spread out over several boarding sites and with the help of our loving foster homes, it gets done.  Our goal, one day, is to have a facility, away from the cities, to house all of our animals.  A large fenced compound with an outdoor area where they can play together.  An indoor area where they can get in out of the extreme cold and Texas heat.  A cat room where cats can be cats.  A room where we can hold monthly spay and neuter clinics for the communities with a recovery room.  And finally an office room where we can do the mountains of paperwork required for each animal.  That’s our goal.  If anyone has such a vacant facility please let us know.  It doesn’t have be exactly like that.  We are quite handy and resourceful.  We have to be, we are all volunteer you know.  We are not making a dent in the number of animals running loose, but we are here and we are trying to make that dent.  Someone has to care and we do.  We are CARE. 

Our multi-talented, overworked, tireless volunteers Leslie Clements and “KSTV-FM The Mighty 93″ DJ Justin McClure have started a new website showcasing the animals available at CARE, the City of Dublin Animal Shelter and the Erath County Humane Society.  Here is the link to THE ANIMAL ARK.

 C.A.R.E.’s mission is to alleviate animal suffering by aiding abandoned, abused and neglected animals; reducing overpopulation and disease; and assisting responsible pet owners in meeting the needs of their own companion animals. We are their voice!

Please visit our Facebook page to find out more. Facebook is your voice, feel free to post.  Also our PetFinder page for all of our animals currently ready for adoption.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions, comments, additions, requests, etc.   Check back often, WE ARE ROCKING!!!  The website email address is

Remember, it is against the law to dump or abandon an animal.  Know the law regarding animal cruelty.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program!
Contact C.A.R.E. about our low cost spay/neuter program to see if you qualify and to arrange for the service. See more

We still Need Volunteers! Anyone interested in helping animals, whether you want to “poop scoop,” walk dogs, foster animals, help at adoption events, or make phone calls on our behalf… WE NEED YOU!  Please call us at (254) 631-6937.


Donations or Adoption Fees (Same Pay Now Button)

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