Our Wish List

Things we desperately need to keep doing what we do.

Flea and Tick remedy
(OTC brands, Frontline, dips)
Pet shampoo
Dog Treats
Cat Treats
Leashes & Collars
Dog igloos
Kitty litter
Large bath towels
Liquid laundry detergent
Paper towels
Puppy shampoos
New Food bowls
New Litter Boxes
New buckets
New and used pet toys 
Wire crates-all sizes
Cat carriers
Copier paper (white/color) – 81/2×11
Batteries (all sizes)
Horse halters
Livestock grooming items
Canned cat and dog food
Hand sanitizer
Pet Nursing bottles
KMR (Powdered preferred) kitten milk replacement
Esbilac (Powdered preferred) puppy milk replacement
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Cat beds
Baby wipes
Trash bags (all sizes)
We accept and appreciate donated dog and cat food
Aluminum cans
Welded Wire Dog kennels for foster yards
Walmart gas cards for gas for CARE bus


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