Barney’s Gift – Pet Memorial Program

Barney’s Gift – Pet Memorial Program
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The death of your own pet can be one of life’s most difficult experiences.  More than just a pet, he was your playmate and trusted confidante.  He was your child and faithful pal.

To honor the furry friends we have lost, C.A.R.E. has developed the Barney’s Gift Pet Memorial Fund. For a small donation of $10.00, your pet’s name will be given to one of the nameless rescue animals we bring into our foster network. In exchange, you will receive a certificate honoring your cherished companion and a photo of the rescue animal that proudly bears your pet’s name. In addition, your donation will help C.A.R.E. find that rescue animal a “forever home” with someone who loves them as much as you loved your special friend. What a great way to memorialize your pet, or to remember someone else who lost their beloved companion.

If you would like participate in the Barney’s Gift Pet Memorial Program please send us:

  • The deceased animal’s name.
  • Type of animal (cat or dog).
  • Date of the loss.
  • The name and address to whom the certificate and photo should be sent.
  • Your name and phone number in case we need to reach you.
  • Mail the $10 donation and above information to the address below:

Attention: Barney’s Gift
PO Box 12
Strawn, TX 76475


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